About LFP5-10kWh/LV

Low Voltage Energy Storage LFP5-10kWh/LV

LFP5-10kWh/LV is a hot-selling Wall Mounted Lithium Battery provided by Sunket with our abundant experience in Home Energy Storage. Its long life character, high energy and power density in the industry, fashionable design, and easiness of installation and expansion, all reflect the real requirements of end users and the strongest technical capability of Sunket.

About LFP5-10kWh/LV

High Inverter Compatibility

In order to meet various use cases, Sunket LFP5-10kWh/LV is compatible with most inverter brands on the market, including but not limited to Pylon, Goodwe, Solis, Sofar, Growatt-SPF, Growatt-SPH, SMA, Victron, Luxpower, Studer, TBB, Deye, Must, Sorotec, Megarevo, Afore, etc.

About LFP5-10kWh/LV

6000 Battery Cell Cycle Times

Sunket LFP5-10kWh/LV lithium-ion batteries have expected life cycle ratings of 6,000 cycles for a heavily used battery. Light use can well exceed this rating. In most cases, lithium battery manufacturers limit the depth of discharge to 80%. Sunket rates LFP5-10kWh/LV battery with a 100% depth of discharge. This means that you can use 100% of the capacity without excessively damaging the battery.

Lithium-ion batteries are much less affected by environmental and discharge factors than their lead-acid counterparts. This makes the life cycle estimates much more accurate.

About LFP5-10kWh/LV

Smart BMS System

The task of battery management systems is to ensure the optimal use of the residual energy present in a battery. In order to avoid loading the batteries, BMS systems protect the batteries from deep discharge, from over-voltage, which are results of extreme fast charge and extreme high discharge current. In the case of multi-cell batteries, the battery management system also provides for cell balancing function, to manage that different battery cells have the same charging and discharging requirements.

About LFP5-10kWh/LV

IP65 Rating Triple hardware protection

The IP65 rating officially stands for “Total dust ingress protection | low-pressure water jets from any direction”. The 6 stands for good dust and touch protection. Basically, the batteries cannot be reached so they are well protected. The 5 of IP65 stands for decent moisture or water protection.

That means Sunket LFP5-10kWh/LV can be used outdoors, you can install it in your garage to charge your new energy vehicle, or it can be used in residential on-grid/off-grid systems.

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