Five Major Failures of Photovoltaic Solar Panels, Who Can Give You the Greatest Sense of Security?


Since 2021, driven by the “dual carbon” goal, coupled with the shortage of electricity, the photovoltaic market at home and abroad has experienced explosive growth. More and more solar panels are installed on the roof, and photovoltaic power generation is growing rapidly.

However, while the installed capacity of photovoltaics has hit new highs, accidents have also occurred. In May 2022, a household photovoltaic power station caught fire in the MELISSA area of the United States. On October 16, 2022, a solar panel on the roof of a pharmaceutical factory in Western Sydney, Australia caught fire. All kinds of accidents remind everyone to pay attention to safety, and safety is the premise of development.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eh6hzMb69gY

fire pictures

System design defects, solar panel defects or installation errors can cause photovoltaic modules to catch fire. According to daily inspection experience, the following five common faults are summarized.

  1. Color Difference or Uneven Color

  2. Internal Burnout of Solar Panels

  3. Solar Panel Junction Box Burned

  4. Unqualified Delamination of Lamination

  5. Offset or Foreign Matter

Color difference or uneven color  1.The color difference or uneven color of the module: the backsheet sometimes turns yellow or brown, which is a chemical reaction between inferior materials and sunlight, and more often occurs in photovoltaic solar panels that have been used for a long time, poor or cheap material quality is the source of the problem.

Solar panel internal burnout

2.Internal burnout of the solar panels is a serious problem, which can lead to a decrease in the power of the solar panels and damage to the solar panels in severe cases.

Solar panel junction box burned

3.The solar panel junction box is burned: the solar panel will be scrapped immediately if it catches fire, and it may cause a fire if it is serious.

Unqualified delamination of lamination

4.Unqualified lamination and delamination: moisture penetrates into the interior of the solar panel and causes short circuit of the solar panel, resulting in failure or even scrapping.

Offset or foreign matter

5.Misalignment or appearance of foreign objects: not only affect the appearance of the solar panel, but also the hot plate effect may occur.


Fire accidents caused by photovoltaic solar panels have caused many customers to worry. How to eliminate concerns and provide safety solutions with advanced technology is what a responsible photovoltaic company should consider.

  1. superior performance:Quality is the core competitiveness of Sunket. Over the years, Sunket has insisted on using reliable materials and superior and advanced manufacturing processes. Each solar panel has undergone 52 processes, and the industry’s advanced testing equipment has been used for 2 EL full inspections. It has passed many quality inspections such as withstand voltage insulation test and flash test, and has passed salt spray level 6, anti-ammonia and anti-PID tests. Strict quality inspections are used to ensure the reliability, conversion efficiency and service life of each solar panel product. Equipped with brand-new high-efficiency solar panel production equipment, it realizes the transformation from manufacturing to “intelligent manufacturing”.
  2. Excellent appearance: The raw materials of Sunket solar panels are strictly controlled in the production to ensure that the color of the solar panels is consistent, and the appearance of the roof of the building is guaranteed to be high-value and high-quality. The all-black solar panels have a harmonious and integrated all-black aesthetic appearance, which greatly improves the overall tonality of the roof, and makes the appearance of the building more technological, simple yet high-end.
  3. High-quality service: Sunket’s conventional solar panels products provide 12-year product warranty and 25-year performance warranty (30-year warranty for dual-wave products), which are suitable for household photovoltaic power stations, industrial and commercial photovoltaic power stations, large ground power stations, agricultural photovoltaic complementary power stations, solar energy Street lights, solar monitoring, etc.Through the perfect pre-sales and after-sales service system, Sunket has won wide acclaim from customers around the world.https://sunketpower.com/products/solar-panel/

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