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Extraordinary N-type Solar Panel, 575W Solar Panel, 22.26% Ultra-high Eff

Compared with PERC solar panels, TOPCon solar panels based on N-type Silicon wafers, have a longer lifetime, lower degradation, and higher efficiency potential. 430w TOPCon solar panel’s efficiency up to22.02%, 575w TOPCon solar panel’s efficiency up to 22.26%.

About TOPCon

16BB Super-MBB Technology
Half Cell Technology

Sunket TOPCon Solar Panel adopts 16-busbar technology. More busbars of the cell decrease the current transverse propagation path by 50%, effectively reducing the internal loss, and improving the power of solar panels.
The half-cut cell design can decrease the power loss by the shadow effect. The optimized circuit design not only realizes the maximum power output but also assures the reliability of solar panels.

About TOPCon

First Year Degradation ≤ 1%
-0.4% Linear Degradation

Comparing with PERC solar panel, TOPCon solar panel first year degradation is less than. After 30 years of certification, the output power is not less than 87.40% of the original output power.

About TOPCon

-0.30%/℃ Optimized Temp Coeff
Excellent weak light performance

Sunket TOPCon solar panel has Excellent weak light performance. When under cloudy, haze condition,  weak light performance help gets more production.
The temperature coefficient of the PERC solar panel is -0.35%/℃, TOPCon solar panel is -0.30%/℃. A temperature coefficient rating of -0.30%/℃, supports TOPCon solar panels to generate up to 2% more power than PERC solar panels at high temperatures.

About TOPCon


Sunket TOPCon solar panel use N-type solar cell technology,result in extremely low LID/LETID, which supports reliability and longevity. Supports more power generation than PERC solar panel.




TOPCon 415-580W Series

SKT410~430M10 410~430 Watt 182mm 16BB 108Cells Topcon Mono Half Cell PV-Module Series

182mm 16BB 108CellsTOPCon Mono Half Cell PV Module Series


SKT555~575M10 555~575 Watt 182mm 16BB 144Cells Topcon Mono Half Cell PV-Module Series

182mm 16BB 144CellsTOPCon Mono Half Cell PV Module Series


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TOPCon Solar Panel

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