Sunket Made a Stunning Appearance at the Jinan Photovoltaic Exhibition

the Jinan Photovoltaic Exhibition

Today, the long-awaited “SUCE 2022 China (Jinan) International Solar Energy Utilization Conference and Exhibition” was grandly held at Jinan High-tech International Convention and Exhibition Center, Shandong. The exhibition site was crowded with people, and professional experts in the photovoltaic industry gathered to participate in the grand event. It lasted for three days and was very lively.

staff photo

Wuxi Sunket New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. brings new solar panels and energy storage battery products to meet all friends in Quancheng. At booth 2BT58 in the exhibition, the sales staff of Sunket carefully explained to the customers, and the high-quality products and professional services frequently won customers’ praise. There are many highlights in the scene, let us take a look together.

On-site customers showed great interest in sunket

1. Clean and Green Electricity, Towards Zero Carbon

At the Jinan Photovoltaic Exhibition, Sunket brought a variety of solar panel products, among which 210mm670W solar panels and 182mm550W solar panels attracted many customers to watch.

  • 210mm 670w Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel

  • Cells: 210mm 132 strings
  • Solar panel size: 2384×1303×35mm
  • Efficiency: 21.6%
  • Advantages: 210 large-size silicon wafer solar panel, the power has entered the era of 600W+, half-chip technology + 12BB multi-busbar technology, reducing the current through each busbar, reducing power loss, effectively reducing shadow loss, low operating temperature, and high output power. It is suitable for large-scale ground power stations, reducing the cost of electricity and bringing higher power generation revenue.https://www.sunket.cn/Products/210mm/60.html
  • 182mm 550w Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panel

  • Cells: 182mm 144 strings
  • Solar panel size: 2278×1134×35mm
  • Efficiency: 20.9%
  • Advantages: 182mm 550W high-power solar panel, taking into account high power, high reliability, and high feasibility. Use M10 high-efficiency monocrystalline cells, half-cell technology + 10/11 main grid, and circular ribbon design to further reduce the spacing between the main grid and the fine grid, reduce current loss, reduce power loss, and effectively reduce shadow loss. Low temperature and high output power. 20.9% conversion efficiency of mass-produced modules, high power generation, reasonable labor costs, transportation costs, and other advantages have become an optimized solution for low-cost electricity in the market, perfectly matching industrial and commercial photovoltaics and ground power stations.https://www.sunket.cn/Products/182mm/56.html

Product real shot

2. Walking with “n”, There is a Lot to Do

As a new technology, the N-type HJT double-glass double-sided heterojunction 470W solar panel is very eye-catching at the exhibition site. Many customers are interested in this.

  • HJT 480w Double-glass Double-sided Heterojunction Solar Panel

  • Cell: 166mm 144 strings N type
  • Solar panel size: 2094*1038*30mm
  • Efficiency: 22.1%
  • Advantages: HJT N-type 480W double-glass double-sided solar panels ensure that the power generation efficiency will still exceed 90% after 30 years. It has higher battery conversion efficiency, lower power attenuation, no potential-induced attenuation PID, and light-induced attenuation LID. Low-temperature coefficient, better low-light power generation effect, high double-sided rate, the back side can reach more than 90% of the power generation power of the front side, and there is no color difference between the front and back sides, which is widely sought after. Advanced heterojunction technology achieves lower cost per kilowatt-hour of power generation, a faster payback cycle, and greater income.https://www.sunket.cn/Products/HJT/62.html

Product real shot

3. BIPV, Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Glass, black tiles, green bricks, and BIPV building integrated photovoltaic products, which integrate artistry and non-toxic and environmentally friendly power generation functions, are full of a sense of technology at the Sunket booth.
Glass, colored crystalline silicon photovoltaic green building materials, has a very modern and fashionable atmosphere. The use of hidden photovoltaic power generation, high-efficiency photovoltaic cells + optical nano-coating technology makes the appearance of the product more uniform and brighter, the light transmittance of the film layer is increased by 60%, the power generation power of the product is increased by more than 15%, and the color can not change for a long time outdoors. It can be applied to daylighting roofs, daylighting windows, and building curtain walls. The battery arrangement has the characteristics of large spacing, which can solve the different requirements of buildings for light transmission.

BIPV glass series

Daiwa creatively combines photovoltaic power generation technology with new tiles to design tiles that can generate electricity. It can not only play the function of traditional tiles but also have the function of power generation. It is an organic combination of modern high technology and traditional architectural culture. The surface strength of Daiwa is 3 times that of ordinary tiles, and its fireproof, waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation, and UV protection performances are superior. It can be used in new Chinese-style buildings, energy-saving renovation of traditional buildings, and construction of beautiful rural towns, characteristic towns, villas, etc.

BIPV glass series

Green bricks, stone-like texture photovoltaic green building materials, are based on ancient Chinese blue bricks, integrating modern photovoltaic science and technology into traditional Chinese culture. The special masonry glass is used to make the product texture diverse and durable, and the high-efficiency photovoltaic cell + nano-optical film structure can perfectly hide the battery; the mainstream material texture in the building materials market is optimized, low reflection, and easy to clean, and high-strength and lightweight building materials are corrosion-resistant.
The building encapsulation material used can last the same life as the building and has excellent thermal insulation. It can be used as a new type of exterior wall material, corrosion-resistant, non-fading, easy to clean, light in weight, hook-type installation, avoiding the traditional stone cutting and polishing process on-site, no dust pollution, saving materials, taking into account aesthetics and practical functions.

4. Sunket Smart Battery, Creating Infinite Possibilities

In addition to photovoltaic solar panels, we also bring a new type of lithium iron phosphate battery this time, using safe and reliable lithium iron phosphate cells, with an intelligent BMS battery management system, with a cycle life of 6000+ times, the service life of >15 years, and IP65 triple hardware protection, suitable for mainstream inverters on the market.

Three lithium iron phosphate batteries

The company’s current products mainly include 166/182/210mm monocrystalline solar photovoltaic panels, high-efficiency HJT/TOPCon solar panels, BIPV building-integrated photovoltaic products, photovoltaic on-grid, and off-grid hybrid systems, lithium battery energy storage products!https://sunketpower.com/voice/
The products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, TUV, IEC, CE, INMETRO, CEC, CSA, JP-AC, RETIE, DEWA and CQC Golden Sun and many other international and domestic authoritative product certifications. With preferential prices and excellent quality, the products are exported to more than 100 countries in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, providing green energy solutions for people all over the world.

Product Certificate

In addition to the eye-catching exhibits and professional sales, there are many exquisite gifts waiting for you to check in at the Sunket 2BT58 booth. The first day of the substantial exhibition has ended. We welcome everyone to check in at the Sunket 2BT58 booth in the next two days. More Exquisite gifts are waiting for you!


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