You Have an Invitation Letter from the UK Solar & Storage Live Exhibition

1. Solar & Storage Live 2023 Exhibition

1.1. Exhibition Details

Exhibition Name: SOLAR&STORAGE LIVE 2023

Time: 17-19, OCTOBER


Booth No. : B8a

Solar & Storage Live 2023 will be grandly held on October 17-19, 2023 local time at the NEC, Birmingham, UK. The exhibition is one of the most professional high-end exhibitions for the solar industry in the UK and is also a platform for industry players to launch new products, exchange new technologies, and develop new trade opportunities in the UK. Sunket will be exhibiting at this year’s event and will be showcasing our innovative PV and storage products, professional services, and full-scenario solutions.


Sunket looks forward to seeing you at Sunket’s booth B8a to discuss the bright future of clean energy.

2. Why go to UK?

2.1. The UK PV And Energy Storage Market Remains Hot

According to data released by the UK Department of Energy Security and Net Zero Energy (DESNZ), in July 2023, the UK’s cumulative photovoltaic capacity reached 15.29GW. From January to July this year, the UK added 634.8MW of newly installed photovoltaic capacity, an increase from 315.5MW in the same period last year. In July alone, approximately 71.3MW of PV systems were installed, and these numbers are expected to continue to rise as data from more new operational sites is released. In comparison, new photovoltaic installed capacity was 46.4MW in July 2022 and 84MW in June this year.

UK historical photovoltaic installed capacity (GW)

Data Source: DESNZ

2.2. The Perfect Market-oriented Power Mechanism Has Improved The Economics Of Optical Storage

In the field of energy storage,  the British government has promoted the UK to build a smart and flexible energy system through various action plans to regulate the market. The British government’s “Large Scale Energy Storage” plan provides certain financial support for innovative large-scale energy storage demonstration projects. It also focuses on developing large-scale power storage and small-scale household power storage technologies and allocates quotas to power providers to Promote the development of a new energy industry.

3. Solar & Storage Live 2023, Sunket Exhibits Preview

Sunket will bring 182mm 410W all-black PV modules, 5-10kWh low-voltage wall-mounted energy storage batteries, 9kwh high-voltage stacked energy storage batteries, Single Phase Hybrid Inverter, Three Phase Hybrid Inverter, and complete renewable energy solutions to Booth B8a the NEC, Birmingham, UK on October 17th-19th and is looking forward to discussing the future of the PV world with you!

3.1. PV Module

Among them, the 182mm 410W all-black PV module uses M10 high-efficiency monocrystalline cells. The design of 10 main grids and circular welding ribbons further reduces the spacing between main grids and fine grids, reducing current loss. The laser non-destructive cutting cell process reduces cell cutting damage, and the conversion efficiency of mass-produced modules is 21%. The all-black aesthetic combines art and technology is more in line with the aesthetics of overseas customers and is suitable for overseas household PV.

3.2. Energy Storage Battery

5 -10kWh low-voltage wall-mounted and 9 kWh high-voltage stacked household energy storage batteries are both internal and external. The exterior is classic and beautiful, easy to install, and flexible to expand. The interior uses 6000+ high-cycle lithium iron phosphate batteries and an intelligent BMS battery management system And so on to ensure the safety and stability of the battery, so that customers can feel more at ease. Sunket will also provide cutting-edge and flexible energy technology solutions to accelerate energy transition and bring about a cheaper and more stable energy environment.

3.3. Inverter

The Three Phase Hybrid Inverter has a three-phase unbalanced output, various working modes to choose from, and can be remotely monitored through the APP or Web. It has excellent anti-backflow performance, the protection level has been upgraded to IP65, and it has stronger environmental adaptability.

The Single Phase Hybrid Inverter installation is quick and easy, the intelligent data monitoring is comprehensive and intuitive, the protection level is upgraded to IP65, the certificates are complete, and it has 10+ years of R&D accumulation and support.

4. Good gifts are waiting for you at booth B8a

From October 17th to 19th, 2023, there will be many surprise activities at the B8a Sunket booth at the NEC, Birmingham, UK,. Follow Sunket’s LinkedIn public page and you will have the opportunity to receive the gifts prepared by sunket for you. First come, first served!


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