Unveiling the Future of Sustainable Agriculture: Introducing AGRI-PV by Sunket New Energy

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In a world relentlessly pursuing green and sustainable solutions, the emergence of AGRI-PV technology is a milestone in the interplay between agriculture and renewable energy. Sunket New Energy, a globally recognized manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and energy storage batteries, proudly introduces its latest product, AGRI-PV, a cutting-edge solution designed to drive the clean energy transition in rural areas.

Bridging Solar Power and Agriculture: The Essence of AGRI-PV

AGRI-PV is a visionary technology that amalgamates solar energy generation with agricultural practices. By installing solar PV modules on agrarian lands, AGRI-PV creates a synergy that not only generates clean energy but also promotes an optimized utilization of land resources. This initiative provides a two-fold benefit: maximizing solar energy generation while ensuring uninterrupted agricultural productivity.

Key Features and Applications of AGRI-PV

  1. Protection for crops: Severe or extreme weather phenomena, such as hail, storms, drought, heavy rainfall and heat waves, are becoming increasingly common. The rows of solar panels in our Agri-PV systems provide the best possible protection for your crops. This can be especially helpful for crops that cannot tolerate direct sunlight.
  2. Dual Use of Land: AGRI-PV facilitates the simultaneous use of land for both solar energy generation and agricultural cultivation, making it a smart choice for land-scarce regions.
  3. Enhanced Agricultural Yield: The partial shading provided by the PV modules can lead to a more favorable microclimate for certain crops, potentially boosting agricultural yield.
  4. Renewable Energy Generation: Harness the power of the sun to generate clean, renewable energy, reducing the carbon footprint of agricultural operations.
  5. Efficient Water Consumption: Underneath an Agri-PV system, you can supply your crops with just the amount of water they need. The moderate shade provided by the panels helps to prevent the evaporation of water from the soil and reduces transpiration in the plants. Since water consumption can be very high in the agricultural sector (depending on the crop,) the Agri-PV systems offer significant added value in regions of low water availability or high levels of sunlight by helping to save on water.

AGRI-PV: An Industry-Validated Prospect

The profound potential and industry validation of AGRI-PV are endorsed by reputable entities such as SolarPower Europe, an award-winning link between policymakers and the solar PV value chain with a mission to make solar Europe’s leading energy source by 2030. Their briefing paper highlights that deploying AGRI-PV on just 1% of Europe’s arable land could realize a technical capacity of over 700 GW, underscoring its pivotal role in promoting sustainable agriculture alongside clean energy transition. Moreover, the Agrisolar Best Practice Guidelines and its subsequent version provide a robust framework for successful AGRI-PV project deployments, establishing standards and best practices to harness the synergies between solar and agriculture.

Why Choose Sunket New Energy’s AGRI-PV?

When it comes to pioneering solar technology, Sunket New Energy stands at the forefront with its international presence and robust manufacturing capabilities. With factories located in China, Spain, and Thailand, we ensure a steady supply of high-quality, certified solar products tailored to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele.

Our AGRI-PV product is backed by complete industry certifications, embodying the blend of innovation and quality that Sunket New Energy is synonymous with. Our dedicated production lines ensure that every AGRI-PV module meets stringent quality standards, promising a reliable and efficient energy solution for your agricultural needs.

Engage with the Future of Solar Technology Today

Discover the remarkable benefits of integrating AGRI-PV technology into your agricultural operations. With Sunket New Energy, you are not just investing in a product, but partnering with a global leader in solar solutions.

Reach out to us today to explore how AGRI-PV can revolutionize your agricultural practices while contributing to a sustainable energy future. Fill out the inquiry form or send us an email at sales@sunket.cn to get in touch with our expert team. Let Sunket New Energy be your trusted partner in navigating the clean energy transition.


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